Protect & Shine

  • Citrus Degreaser applied to lower panels, under wheel arches & front of the vehicle.
  • Non-acidic wheel cleaner applied to wheels, wheels & tires cleaned
  • Insect removal from paint & glass
  • The exterior of the vehicle rinsed
  • Hand-washed with a soft woolen mitt, using luxurious Carnauba wax shampoo (adds extra protection & shine to each wash).
  • Wheel arches scrubbed and cleaned
  • Door shuts & fuel cap sprayed with citrus degreaser and cleaned
  • Exterior of the vehicle fully rinsed
  • Vehicle carefully hand dried with a plush drying towel
  • Tyres dressed with a "New Look" dressing
  • Exterior Glass polished
  • All exterior plastic trim dressed with an original look water beading dressing
  • Hand Polish of the complete exterior, each panel at a time, using the finest Carnauba wax paste polish including door shuts, and after a bonding period each panel is then buffed to a deep shine gloss finish using a clean soft microfibre polishing cloth. Giving months of protection and encouraging fine water beading.
We recommend that this service is carried out every 6 months as a minimum. Allow 2 hour to 4 hours for this full service Prices from £65. Prices dependant on distance and vehicle condition

VIP Valeting only use the very best equipment to ensure a scratch and swirl-mark free finish to your car. Fully equipped vehicles with water and power means less intrusion to your day to day life, putting your convenience first. We will fully valet your car to only the highest standards whilst you take care of business or put your feet up with a cuppa.