Extra Infromation

What is PH Neutral - What it means to you & your car

Ph Neutral = Ph balanced, neither acidic nor alkaline.

The essential meaning and relevance to our clients being that our chemicals will not harm your vehicle.

Any previous wax treatments will be left completely intact, only the dirt and grime will be removed. Our Ph Neutral treatments will not strip the wax from your vehicle.

Ph Neutral products whilst being kinder to your vehicle & the planet are considerably more expensive. We believe only the best products should be used in the process of maintaining both the value and look of your vehicle, we therefore only use the best Ph Neutral products - combined with the best cleaning processes and techniques gained and improved upon every year.

Over a relatively short period of time, non-Ph Neutral products will strip your vehicle of its wax which results paintwork fading and staining to your trim.

In simple terms this is the difference between professional valeters who care about their clients valuable vehicles and your local car wash.


VIP Valeting only use the very best equipment to ensure a scratch and swirl-mark free finish to your car. Fully equipped vehicles with water and power means less intrusion to your day to day life, putting your convenience first. We will fully valet your car to only the highest standards whilst you take care of business or put your feet up with a cuppa.