Snow Foam is a pre-wash that helps to remove those hard to remove stains from vehicles that have been left for a period of time or have been stood under trees. Helping to safely lift the dirt from the vehicle without harming the paintwork.


ViP Vision Plus Package

ViP's rain repellant formula dramatically improves visibility, safety and driving comfort, helping to disperse rain, sleet & snow.

Protection lasts up to 3 months.

£20.00 (front screen, two front side windows, front lights and wing mirrors)


Interior vacuum to include seats, carpet (and boot area)

Dont be mistaken, our service is a proper thorough clean.

Prices from £12.00


Interior Dash & Trim - Clean & Dressing

Interior dash board and door trim, centre console and steering wheel clean and dressing.

Prices from (small ) £10.00 (medium) £10.00 (large) £15.00 (4x4 / MPV) £15.00


Interior Window Polish

Interior clean and polish of all your interior glass, actually polished and buffed up afterwards, no smears or streaks.

Prices from (small ) £5.00 (medium) £5.00 (large) £5.00 (4x4 / MPV) £5.00

Clay Bar - Paintwork De-Contamination

Clay Bar removes contaminates and pollution from your paintwork as a pre-wax treatment to allow your wax treatment to adhere correctly to your vehicle.

The glass like smooth finish gives a longer lasting shine with added protection.

We highly recommend this modern superior treatment prior to applying a quality wax application.

Prices from (small ) £40.00 (medium) £45.00 (large) £50.00 (4x4 / MPV) £60.00

Scratch & Swirl Mark Removal

Your vehicle may have swirl marks from previous less experienced valeters, it may have the odd small scratch or mark.

Whilst we dont guarantee to remove all marks with this service, in most circumstances after inspection we are able to predict a favourable outcome to your problem in a simple cost effective manner.



Exterior Plastic Dressing

Faded and tired looking bumpers and plastic trim will always detract from the overall appearance of your vehicle and also the residual value.

Restore faded bumpers back to their original colour, together with fantastic water beading properties with our plastic bumper trim treatment.



Wheel Wax - Prevention of Brake Dust

Expensive alloy wheels can be harmed by corrosive brake dust, after time this can make them harder to keep clean leaving a pitted appearance.

Regular treatment with our wheel wax treatment will provide an invisible coating to prevent brake dust gathering and maintain their shine for longer.

£20 initial treatment - thereafter just £10 for all four wheels.


Interior Leather Clean & Feed

Interior Leather clean and feed to maintain your expensive leather interior to its full beauty.

A full gentle deep clean with a microfibre cloth to remove inground dirt and grime, followed by a top quality leather feed cream to replenish the natural oils making the leather soft & supple - as it should be.

This process can be quite time consuming, but the results are outstanding and immediately noticable.

 Prices from £65


Interior Deoderising - Remove semi-permenant smells

Removing unwanted semi-permenant smells from vehicles can end up costly and a waste of money and time if the wrong treatment is applied.

Swift action after any unfortunate incident is key to this service, we have the equipment available to permenantly remove unwanted odurs from vehicles.

Examples of successful treatments: spillages of milk, take aways, vomit, pet odours, and lingering tobacco smells.

Please call 07789554558 for prices

Vinyl Signs or Graphics Removal

Safely removing signs or graphics from vehicles, including the adhesive and left over outlines.

We strongly recommend that this service is combined with a clay bar and polish to make sure the paintwork is fully restored to its former glory.

Please call 07789554558 for Prices

VIP Valeting only use the very best equipment to ensure a scratch and swirl-mark free finish to your car. Fully equipped vehicles with water and power means less intrusion to your day to day life, putting your convenience first. We will fully valet your car to only the highest standards whilst you take care of business or put your feet up with a cuppa.